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Blurry Forest

fees and services.

I provide individual telehealth therapy sessions that last fifty-five minutes. You can do the sessions at home, on your work break, in your car (provided you're not driving), or anywhere private where you feel safe and comfortable! Snacking is fine and is encouraged.

Therapy is conducted online through SimplePractice, a HIPAA-compliant platform. A stable internet connection or signal is required for therapy. Voice call sessions are also an option, but not preferred. I do not offer text sessions, but encourage my clients to still reach out if they need something non-emergent. 

Schedule of Fees:

55-minute session: $150

Assessment for Gender-Affirming Surgery Letters: $150

(letter is included in this fee)

No-show/Late Cancel Fees: $75

Letter-writing in addition to therapy services: $50

Filling out gender marker change forms: $25

I do not currently accept insurance.

getting started.

It all begins with a simple question. Use the form at the bottom of this page to send me an email with whatever questions you'd like, or to ask about openings in my caseload. If I do have a spot open, I'll let you know the times available, and then we will schedule your intake. Please note the time zone as I work with clients in multiple time zones.

Once your intake is scheduled, you'll be getting a portal invite to SimplePractice, where intake paperwork will be provided. This intake paperwork is necessary for me to provide services, and must be completed before the intake appointment.

The intake will be fifty-five minutes long, and I will go over the paperwork, fees, and policies. I'll ask you questions to gather your history, and then we will discuss what you'd like from therapy and form a treatment plan. Then, you're ready to get started, and we have everything we need to begin therapy!

If you're needing only a gender-affirming letter and are not interested in therapy, we will do a diagnostic interview and the letter is included in the fee.

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